Chemisty Unit 2 Revision

My Revision notes that help me with my exams.

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-Consist of Electrons surrounding the Nucleus, which includes Protons and Neutrons.

-Number of Protons in an atom is the atomic number.

-Atoms have shells.. For example Hydrogen has one shell (With one Electron).

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Protons have a Positive charge (+1)

Neutrons have a Neutral chare (0) 

Electrons have a Negative charge (-1)

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The MASS number is the Top number.

The ATOMIC number is the bottom number.

Remember it like this - 
Atomic bombs hit the floor. (ATOMIC is BOTTOM)

MASS is the opposite!

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Groups v2

-Compounds are chemically bonded.

(Formed when two or more elements react, Carbon and Oxygen makes Carbon Dioxide)

-ISOTOPES are different atomic forms of the same element.

(Carbon 14, Carbon 12.)

These just have a different number of Neutrons.

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Groups v3

Group One - Alkali Metals.

Group Seven - Halogens

Groupd 0 - Noble Gases. 

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Questions on ATOMS.

What is inside the Nucleus? (Protons and Neutrons.)

What charge does a Proton and Neutron have. (P= +1, N= 0)

Which number is the mass number and which is the Atomic? (Mass = Top, Atomic = Bottom)

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