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1. Moles & empirical form... 4 questions
2. Electrolysis... 10 questions
3. Quantitative analysis... 2 questions
4. Titrations... 10 questions
5. Gas volumes... 2 questions
6. Equilibria... 9 questions
7. Strong and weak acids... 15 questions
8. Ionic equations... 4 questions…read more

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Chapter 1
Moles and empirical formulae
4 Questions
Back to contents page…read more

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Question 1
What is the Number of moles =
equation to Mass of chemical
work out the molar mass
number of
moles?…read more

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Question 2
What is the The average
relative mass of an atom
atomic mass of the element
of an compared to the
mass of 1/12th of
carbon-12…read more

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Question 3
What does the It gives the
empirical simplest whole
formula work number ratio of
out? each type of
atom in a
compound…read more

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