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1.Energy transfers ­ fuel... 7 questions
2. Redox reactions... 9 questions
3. Alcohols... 15 questions
4. Chemistry of sodium... 8 questions
5. Depletion of the ozone... 11 questions
6. Hardness of water... 12 questions
7. Natural fats and oils... 11 questions
8. Analgesics... 7 questions…read more

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Chapter 1
Energy transfers ­ fuel cells
7 Questions
Back to contents page…read more

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Question 1
The reaction Exothermic
hydrogen and
oxygen is ...?…read more

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Question 2
Describe a A cell which is
supplied with fuel
fuel cell
and oxygen and
uses the energy
from the reaction
between them to
create a potential
difference…read more

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Question 3
What is the Hydrogen +
word equation oxygen
for the overall water
reaction in a
oxygen fuel
cell?…read more

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