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C3 Revision

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Analysing Substances…read more

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Chemical Analysis Is Very Useful..
There are various reasons why you may want to test a
mysterious substance...
1. Forensic science for crime scenes
2. Substances in food such as toxic substances
3. Water companies test for dangerous chemicals
4. Purity of things such as copper wiring and water
pipes…read more

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Qualitative Analysis
Tells you if a particular substance is present. It doesn't
tell you how much of it there is. This may be used to
detect poisons in food. You don't need to know how
much there is because even a trace can cause
problems…read more

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Quantitative Analysis
Tells you how much is present. This would be used in
drink-drive cases when the police need to know how
much alcohol is present in the driver's blood. If the
amount is greater than 80mg per 100ml of blood,
then the driver can be prosecuted.…read more

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Testing Ionic Compounds Means Indentifying
Two Different Ions
1. Lots of substances are made up of different parts. For
these, you can identify the different parts separately...
2. So say your compound is ionic- you'd carry out a series
of experiments to identify the positive ion, and another
set to identify the negative ion.
1. For example, the first test may tell you there are copper (II) ions
2. And the results of your second may tell you there are chloride
ions present.
3. Therefore it's Copper (II) Chlorine
3. It's the same procedure if the compound has more than
two ions…read more

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