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C1-Chemistry in Our World
Topic5- Fuels
Fuels are chemicals which give us energy when burnt.
We use mainly fossil fuels: crude oil, coal and natural gas
These are non-renewable.
Renewable fuels: biofuels, hydrogen

Crude oil:
This is a mixture of hydrocarbons.
Hydrocarbons are compounds of hydrogen and carbon ONLY.

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Petrol Fuel for cars

Kerosene Fuel for aircrafts

Diesel Fuel for vehicles ­
lorries, cars etc

Fuel oil Fuel for large ships
and some power
Fuel for heating
Lubricating oil

Bitumen Long- up to Difficult High >350°C Thick - Road surfacing
40 C high Waterproofing flat

Combustion: this…

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Products of combustion

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Problems with burning:

1. Soot- causes lung disease if breathed in
2. Carbon monoxide- this is a toxic gas and reduces the amount of oxygen transported in the
blood- it kills in a very short time
3. Carbon dioxide ­ causes global warming- the cloud of carbon dioxide prevent the…

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This is mixed with normal diesel


1. Carbon neutral ­ the carbon in the fuels originally came from plants so the CO2 that is
released goes back into the plants for photosynthesis.
2. They are renewable- plants can grow quickly


The processing of the fuels uses fossil fuels.…

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