Biology B2 GCSE Revision Notes OCR (higher)

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Community - total no. of individuals of all the different populations of plants & animals that live in habitat together at the same time.

habitat - a plant or animal's home. physical environment.

Population - number of individual of a species

Eco-system - Physical environment with specific conditions
Natural - not man-made (though may be managed or preserved) can change over time Eg. Woodlands/ponds
Man-Made - controlled and conditions kept constant. Eg. Green houses/ fish farms.

Natural habitats have high biodiversity as lots of different creatures moving into the habitat (co-exsist in the same environment)

biodiversity - The variety of life in the world or in a particular habitat or ecosystem



Positve Aspects
Negative Aspects

Sucks insects into a tub
Insects are gathered easily without harm
difficult to get idea of numberS

Sweep net through grass
Used where are lots of shrubs, woodland, etc.
Difficult to get idea of numbers

Pitfall Trap
traps dug in ground
gives accurate number of how many insects there are
sometimes mixture of ethanol and water is used to kill them.



thank you! this is great!


This is going to help me with my exam tommorow! Great


This is going to help me with my exam tommorow! Great

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