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B7 Revision Notes


· Life depends on solar energy absorbed during photosynthesis and
stored in chemicals like starch.
· Autotrophs make food from minerals, carbon dioxide and water but
heterotrophs need ready-made food.
· Chlorophyll absorbs light for photosynthesis. The equation is: carbon
dioxide + water glucose + oxygen…

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· Bacteria and fungi are grown in fermenters to produce antibiotics,
single-cell protein, and enzymes like rennin.
· Genetic modification involves isolating and copying genes and putting
them in new cells.
· This is done by adding a virus or plasmid as a vector.
· GM bacteria make drugs, and…

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· Vertebrate skeletons support the body and allow movement.
· Bones are held together by slightly elastic ligaments.
· Tough inelastic tendons attach muscles to bone.
· Layers of cartilage and synovial fluid reduce friction at joints.
· Muscles operate in antagonistic pairs because they can only contract.
· Health…




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