Asess the contention that china and India will become 21st century superpowers-PLAN

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Asess the contention that china and India will become 21st century superpowers (14 marks)

Superpowers are countries which aim to project their power and inlfuence anywhere in the world. A superpower can be defined thought their military, economic,cultural, geographical power. China and india are emerging superpowers- definition.

Economic power- definition

  • Globally and especially in the asian reigon, china's economy is large and powerful. This is illustrated in figure 1, where Chinas total GGP is US$9.1 trillion.
  • Growth rates ffor both india and china have fluctuated but chinas has had most progress (14% in 2005 whilst indias highest was 10% in 2008). This increase in econimic growth is essential for china to become superpower as their population is highest in the world at 1.4billion. 
  • Although india has the second highest population at 1.3 bill, fig 1 shows economic power as 1.9US$, and fig 2 shows economic growth has fluctuated from 1993-2013- suggesting economy is unstable, this effects wealth per person and its chances of becoming superpower

Geographical power  ( + economic power)- define

  • China and india have developed significant world trade links illustrated in fig 3- Both import raw materials such as crude oil, however China imports microchips and exports manufactured goods such as computers, telephones ect.Whereas the top 5 exports for india is refined petroleum (19%). Chinas exports reflects its focus on high tech indusrty (compared to india). High exports of manufactured goods for china- in 2007 it earned $360bill more from




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