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Francesca China Case Study Revision Sheet

China ­ The Emerging Superpower
Where is China located?

Where does it rank in size compared to other BRIC
China is the 3rd
largest country in the world.

Its land area is 9
.7million k
m sq.
The other BRIC countries compare:

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Francesca China Case Study Revision Sheet

become a Superpower?
Key Superpower Indicator ­ Economy:
Since 1980s economy has doubled in size every 8 years
Largest sustained GDP growth in history

No longer a low income country
Accounted for 90% of the global increase in sea traffic this century
Iron ore…

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Francesca China Case Study Revision Sheet

Spending ­ US$122.2billion
Largest military spender in Asia
Possession of nuclear weapons

How did China rise to challenge for Superpower status?
The country was held back after the communist party seized power in 1949 keeping the
country disconnected from the rest of the…

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Francesca China Case Study Revision Sheet

It has over taken USA as the world's largest consumer
o 2004 ­ consumed 382 million tonnes of wheat // USA 287 million tonnes
o 2006 ­ consumed 67 million tonnes of meat // USA 39 million tonnes
o 2006 China consumed 258 consumed…

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Francesca China Case Study Revision Sheet

utilize their sulphur while reducing the underground water supplies in 90 percent
amount of pollution produced. of the cites are contaminated


China understands the need to invest in Many of the Chinese institutions of higher
its innovation engine. In 2008, China education receiving…


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