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Geography Revision Guide
Superpower Geographies


SUPERPOWER = their power is primarily economic and military e.g. the USA, EU and prior to the break up the
USSR. Example is the USA as they are a major military force and has the world's largest economy and cultural
values spread globally.


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Its influence varies across the world. Influence of European (Christian) colonisation can be seen in North and
South America, Southern Africa and Australia.

Islam = main religion in Northern Africa, the Middle East and parts of Asia.



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Colonial rule: What is it?

Imperialism= a relationship of political, economic or cultural control
between geographical areas. E.g. introduction of Christianity in

Colonialism = the political rule of a nation by another. E.g. POLITICAL
control of Burma by Britain.

Colonization = the physical settling of people from a colonial…

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Superpower Societies

Imperialist System= the British Empire, culture, economy and politics of Britain dominating its colonies.
Democracy was present in Britain but not in its colonies!

Capitalist System= USA, division between people who own business and make profits, and those who work for

Communist System = USSR, Private ownership…

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CRITICISM ­ fails to take into account of support and aid provided by the USA. Many NICs had protectionist not
free trade policies. Economic policy of restricting trade between states.

MARXIST= emphasises how some maintain the wealth and the expense of others

Dependency Theory, Frank 1967

World is divided into…

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NEO-COLINIALISM DEFINITION= form of indirect control over developing countries most of them former


INTERGOVERNMNETAL ORGANISATIONS (IGO's) ­ Bretton Woods Agreement , conference in 1944 allies set
about creating post war institutions to prevent future wars and ensure the world's economy ran more effectively
than the pre-war…

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Aid for corrupt dictators e.g. president Mobuto of Zaive in return for political support
Bilateral aid deals that benefitted supplier companies in developed countries
Continuation of importing cheap raw materials and exporting expensive manufacturing goods to the
developed world.
Brain-drain of skilled workers to developed world.


Exploration developing resources…

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These are both wealth creators = helps to explain rising wealth and power!

RUSSIA & GULF STATES = use oil and gas as their trade weapons. State owned companies e.g. Saudi
Aramco & Gazprom, control export volumes and profits.

Superpower Culture ­ same culture = share common values and beliefs…

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Direct action protects against globalisation occurs regularly ­ 1999 WTO meeting in Seattle, 2001 G8 Summit in
Genoa and 2005 Summit at Gleneagles.

The 2005 UN convention on protection and promotion of the diversity of cultural expressions allows countries to
use measures to protect their culture by, for instance limiting…

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From 2000-05 amount of households annual incomes has changed in 2000 4 million earn $3,000 or less
by 2005 = 1 million. Overall increase households from 34 million to 42 million. Each category increased
from $5,900 to $14,700. BRAZIL = getting richer held the World Cup in 2014…


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