AS AQA Geography: Krill in the Southern Ocean

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Reasons for their high biological productivity in the Southern Ocean

  • Waters are turbulent, keeping nutrients and minerals in suspension
  • Water is cold, enabling gas storage
  • 24 hour daylight in summer allows photosynthesis to cultivate large amounts of algae, used by the krill.

The Importance of krill to the southern ocean

  • They are the direct food supply of millions of fish, penguins and albatrosses, seals and baleen whales.
  • They are the indirect food supply of aquatic birds and mammals

Species diversity in the Southern Ocean

  • Although it is a highly productive area, species diversity is very low.
  • Only 43 regular bird species

Human uses of Krill


  • Highest demand area for krill
  • Uses 75% of fish oil (potentially 79% in next decade)
  • Uses 40% of…


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