aristotle and virtue theory

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 (a) Outline Virtue Theory with reference to Aristotle. [AO1 25]

Virtue theory is an ethical theory that is not based on rules and principles. Right and wrong are therefore not a matter of rules but of personal qualities and character the individual exhibits. Virtue theory is all about how an individual can develop the correct character ‘ethos’ so as to behave virtuously which is morally correct. according to virtue theorists an individual that develops virtues and reduces their vices  would automatically make the person become a ‘good’ person. This is because a person of good character would automatically do good actions.

 Virtue Theory seeks to determine whether there are any key virtues that underpin the life of admirable human beings for example, what virtues did Martin Luther King have? Once we have discovered the virtues of Martin Luther King such as compassion. we could develop through practice those virtues in our own life.

Aristotle a Greek philosopher


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