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Overview of Stuff that needs to be known

- Main features of the Theory

- That its Absolutionist and deontological

- Relationship between the four levels of law according to Aquinas and his belief in Final purpose

- Importance of human rationality

- Reason that links primary and secondary precetps

- Difference between interior/exterior acts, and between real/apparent goods

- How to apply Natural law to situations and examples

- How Natural Law is compatible with one Major world religion

- Be able to evaluate these issues

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Absolutism, Deontology and Eudamonia

Absolutism - Laws are the same regardless of the situation, universal norms

Deontological - Acts are intrinsically good, good within themselves. You dont commit and action for the consequences

Legalism - Idea that people should obey religious laws in order to be good

Aristotle believed there was a law written in nature on how to act Morally, believing that following them would lead to Eduemonia, or total happiness.

Aquinas was influenced by this, believing that humans lean towards good actions. Eudemonia would be the reward in heaven for acting good on Earth.

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Purpose, reason and rationality.

Aquinas was also influenced by Aristotle, and his belief in purpose. For Aquinas this was a Purpose given by God, we all have God given purposes and talents. For Aquinas, FUlfilling our purpose will lead us to the 'final cause'.

Similer to Aristotle, Aquinas also believed that all humans possess the power to Reason. The God given reason helps humans identifty how to act morally. Use of our Reason reveals to us the ultimate 'goods' in life. 'Moral life is the life according according to reason'

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The 4 Laws and the Precepts

Eternal Law - God creates everything and his will and wisdom is revealed to us via divine law

Divine Law - Sacred texts and teachings of the church from god, made known through natural law.

Natural Law - The innate human ability to know whats naturally what, law in nature. From which Human law

Human Law - is derived, laws found in the legal system

Primary Precepts, Identify our God Given purposes in life. Actions that are good and Absolute.

PREGS: Protect the innocent - Reproduce - Educate - Believe in God - Live in society

Secondary Precepts, Laws intended to uphold the primary precepts. They are not totally absolute and can change in certain situations.

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Virtues and Good

Aquinas claimed there to be a link between Happiness and virtous behaviour. Virtues represent the human qualities that reason suggests help us to live a moral life. Four cardinal virtues are what Aquinas believed were necessary fo the basis of a moral life.

Prudence, justice, fortitude and Justice.

There are also three revlealed virtues that we access, but through Holy scripture. These have been revealed in the bible.

Faith, Chairty and Hope

Real and apparent Goods

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