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Natural Law…read more

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Humans have a "Divine Spark" within them
helping to find out how to live according to
the will of God.
True law is in line with Nature
Universally applied
One God decides it.
We know it without needing to ask.…read more

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Thomas Aquinas
Main exponent
Basis of many teachings in Church
Based on thinking of Aristotle
"Summa theologica"…read more

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Ancient greek philosopher
Virtue Theory:
- Virtues are desirable qualities
- focuses on character not action
- to be good we should aim to possess
certain virtues and avoid vices
- makes us flourish
- idea of Eudaimonia…read more

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Aristotle's Idea of Souls
A soul gives a living thing life.
3 types of souls:
1) Vegetative Soul:
soul of plants
only capable of growth and reproduction
2) Sensitive Soul:
soul of animals
capable of movement too
3) Rational Soul:
soul of Humans
ability to Reason…read more

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Theory of Causes
4 Causes
Material Cause
Formal Cause
Efficient Cause
Final Cause (also known as TELOS)
All things have a cause except the
Uncaused Cause (likened to God, see
philosophy notes)…read more

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