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The Nature of God

"There is ONE GOD, but he exists as the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit."

Christians believe in the Trinity. This shows God has three parts.

"So God created human beings, making them to be like Himself."

Christians believe God is personal. He has human characteristics.

"God is ONE, but we can learn about his characteristics through his 99 names."

Muslims can learn about the nature of God through his 99 names.

Evil and Suffering

"All suffering is a test from God."

Muslims believe we suffer for a purpose. God tests our faith.

"The Garden of Eden was created perfectly by God, it was the freewill of Adam and Eve that caused evil and suffering, when they chose to disobey God."

Christians believe Adam and Eve brought suffering into the world. When we disobey God we are punished. Everyone has free will which makes them choose between right and wrong.

Prejudice and Discrimination

"Love your neighbour as yourself."

Christians believe we should treat others the way you would treat yourself.

War and Peace

"Do not kill."

Christians believe killing is wrong, it is one of the 10


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