Ancient Rome : surgery and anatomy

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Galen: Wrote 60 books!

  • He trained at Alexandria and lived near a temple where he gained knowledge about the body.
  • He knew the anatomy of the human body well, through wounds he was able to learn about it.
  • He later knew how to put guts back into the body.
  • Galen got money from his books to buy pigs which he could disect and look into. He did not do this on humans. 
  • He used criminals as guinea pigs to open up and look into.
  • Mistakes were made because animals anatomy is very different to a humans.
  • He didnt record his ideas as he was biased and thought he was right.
  • He learnt from others, especially Hipocrates.
  • Galen did demonstrations infront of large crowds to prove he was correct and become more popular. He proved how to paralyse a pig,


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