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History Medicine Through Time - Revision

Important Individuals (roughly 37)

Hippocrates Ancient Greece Disease and
Aristotle Ancient Greece Disease and Infection
Herophilus Ancient Greece Surgery and Anatomy
Galen Ancient Rome Surgery and Anatomy
Rhazes Middle Ages Disease and
Abul Kasim Middle Ages Surgery and
Ibn Sina Middle…

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Wilhelm Röntgen 20th Century Surgery and Anatomy
Marie Curie 20th Century Surgery and Anatomy
Karl Landsteiner 20th Century Surgery and Anatomy
Archibald McIndoe 20th Century Surgery and
Christiaan Barnard20th Century Surgery and Anatomy
Helmuth Wesse 20th Century Surgery and Anatomy

Believed in balancing elements. Introduced a natural approach…

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Developed anatomical understanding, found errors in Galen such as there
being no holes in the septum. He produced charts of blood and the nervous
system. Wrote `De Humani Corporis Fabrica' - The Fabric of the Human Body.
Ambroise Pare
Made the `digestive' solution when he ran out of oil and…

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Joseph Lister
Carbolic Spray. Experimented using it as an antiseptic, later developed it to use
in operations. Also, he improved Pare's ligatures using sterilised catgut.

John Snow
Studied an outbreak of cholera, using careful observation, and suspected it had
been spreading from a public water pump.

Edwin Chadwick
In 1835,…

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Managed to mass produce penicillin and successfully treat a patient with it.
Were funded by America after the bombing of Pearl Harbour

Francis Crick and James Watson
Discovered the structure of DNA, proved it was in every cell and passed on
from parent to child.

Wilhelm Rontgen
Discovered that rays…


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