Medicine Through Time - Surgery and Anatomy

Notes on surgery and anatomy through time 

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Surgery and
Trepanning to remove evil spirits
Casting broken bones
Ancient Egypt
Mummification was for religious/spiritual reasons so
did not lead to much improvement in anatomical
Simple operations ­ casting broken bones, setting
dislocated bones etc
Ancient Greece
Dissection allowed at Alexandria
Humours theory meant a lot of bleeding was carried

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Ancient Rome
Amputations, trepanning and removal of cataracts
were all performed successfully
Turpentine used as antiseptic and opium as
Dissection forbidden
Middle Ages
Surgery not taught at universities as rarely
Became surgeon by apprenticing other surgeons
Women could become surgeons but couldn't
become members of the guild (professionals)
Wars led to some basic progress in surgical
Andreas Vesalius disproved Galen's jawbone theory
and wrote a book `The Fabric of the Human Body'
Ambroise Paré once ran out of hot oil when…read more

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William Harvey proved the heart acted like a pump
and sent blood to the lungs then is sent around the
Industrial Revolution
o Humphrey Davey `Laughing Gas'
o Crawford Long ­ Ether
o James Simpson ­ Chloroform
o Ignaz Semmelweiss ­ Hand washing
o Joseph Lister ­ Carbolic Spray
Blood loss was still a problem
Twentieth Century
X-rays discovered by William Röntgen
Marie Curie discovered radium could be used to
diagnose and treat cancers, reducing need for
Karl Landsteiner discovered blood…read more


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