Address Uknown By Kressman Taylor Revision Notes Letter 1 & 2

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Some Forgien Words from letters you many want to know:

Letter 1:

  • Unter the Linden is Under the linden trees
  • Gebackner Schinker is Baked ham
  • Spatzle is A Special side dish, a dumpling like pasta
  • Spargel is Asparagus

Letter 2:

  • Nein is No
  • Grossmutter is Grandmother

November 12 1932 is 14 years after the war. 11/11/1918 the last day of world war 1.

Letter 1: From Max to Martin - November 12 1932

  • "Back in Germany! How I envy you!" This is an Exclamatory Sentence this gives voice and gives tone, a tone of jealousy but still one of friendship as if joking between friends.
  • "You" This is direct address, second person pronoun
  • In this letter you can see they are friends.
  • Max is Jewish, surname Eisenstein.
  • Max misses Germany, he is currently in California, America.
  • Max has a sister names Griselle.
  • Griselle is as actress in plays but things haven't been easy for her. "Lead play in Vienna."
  • But it is said that her hard work is paying off. "Beginning to bear fruit." This is also a Metaphor.
  • There was an affair between Martin and Griselle. Martin in married to Elsa.
  • Though no anger is held from the affair. "Neither of you was to blame."
  • "Those things are like quick storms, for a


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