Address Unknown Letters 1 and 2 notes

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Address Unknown Notes

Letter 1: From Max to Martin-November 12th 1932

Context: 14 years after the war. 11/11/1918 the last day of WW1.This is also before Hitler came to power (January 1933).

  • “My Dear Martin”-possessive determiner in the informal address

  • "Back in Germany! How I envy you!".This is an exclamatory Sentence which gives voice and gives tone, a tone of jealousy but still one of friendship as if joking between friends.

  • "You"- this is direct address (second person pronoun).

  • Use of German lexis to create voice and context.

-Unter den Linden is under the linden trees

-Gebackner Schinker is baked ham

-Spatzle is a special side dish, a dumpling like pasta

-Spargel is asparagus

  • Use of asyndetic listing of Max’s memories of Germany.

  • Fronted connectives make it seem even more conversational e.g. And

  • Irony in Max’s statements- “and now the arrogance and militarism are gone” and “you go to a land with the beginnings of fine political freedom”.

  • Taylor provokes sympathy for Max as we learn he is “not so happy” now his “sunday home is transported over wide seas”.

  • Max credits Martin with having a “fine spiritual approach to art” compared to his own more down to earth appreciation of what made a good investment.

  • Max is Jewish, surname Eisenstein while Martin is not.

  • Max misses Germany, he is currently in California, America.

  • Max has a sister called Griselle who is an actress in plays but things haven't been easy for her-"lead play in Vienna." However it’s said that her hard work is paying off which can be seen with the metaphor"beginning to bear fruit".

  • There was an affair between Martin and Griselle and it’s suggested that it was an unhappy relationship though no anger is held from the affair-


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