Address Uknown By Kressman Taylor Revision Cards Letter 1 & 2

These are notes made on the novella Address Unknown which can be used to help you in AS English Language and Literature Exam.

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Some Forgien Words from letters you many want to k

Letter 1:

  • Unter the Linden is Under the linden trees
  • Gebackner Schinker is Baked ham
  • Spatzle is A Special side dish, a dumpling like pasta
  • Spargel is Asparagus

Letter 2:

  • Nein is No
  • Grossmutter is Grandmother

Letter 5:

  • Pogrom is An organised massacre, usually of helpless people. e.g The Jewish.
  • Fatherland is Germany
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Letter 1: From Max to Martin - November 12 1932 -

November 12 1932 is 14 years after the war. 11/11/1918 the last day of world war 1.

  • "Back in Germany! How I envy you!" This is an Exclamatory Sentence this gives voice and gives tone, a tone of jealousy but still one of friendship as if joking between friends.
  • "You" This is direct address, Second Person Pronoun
  • In this letter you can see they are friends.
  • Max is Jewish, surname Eisenstein.
  • Max misses Germany, he is currently in California, America.
  • Max has a sister names Griselle.
  • Griselle is as actress in plays but things haven't been easy for her. "Lead play in Vienna."
  • But it is said that her hard work is paying off. "Beginning to bear fruit." This is also a Metaphor.
  • There was an affair between Martin and Griselle. Martin in married to Elsa.
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Letter 1: From Max to Martin - November 12 1932 -

  • Though no anger is held from the affair. "Neither of you was to blame."
  • "Those things are like quick storms, for a moment you are drenched and blasted, and you are so wholly helpless before them." - this supports the idea that Max is forgiven both Griselle and Martin.
  • "Your ever most faithful Max." Max can't be anymore faithful
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Letter 2: From Martin to Max - December 10 1932 -

  • Martin is proud of his money and complishments. "30 rooms and about 10 acres of park." This shows just how rich Martin is.
  • "But then, you could not appreciate how poor is now this sad land of mine." This is Personification, the land is not actually sad.
  • "Most Extensive." The use of Superlative Adjective, this makes Martin sound more educated.
  • "10 servants for the price of two." This gives off the feeling that Martin is a bit snobbish, aware of his class and therefore uses upperclass terminology.
  • "Ecstasies." This is a Polysyllabic.
  • "Elsa - such a joke." This is light hearted.
  • Elsa's own bed. This could symbolise that she is undesirable.
  • Martin thinks of himself and what he can get.
  • "Misanthrope." - Someone who doesn't like people.
  • "Get yourself a little fat wife." This is what Martin thinks about his wife, it's sexist, controversal and gives off the feeling that women are there only for domestic purposes or maybe this is a joke. This is an Imperative Command Sentence.
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Letter 2: From Martin to Max - December 10 1932 -

  • Martin still likes Griselle. "The lovely one!"
  • The life that Martin's wife Elsa has is what Griselle deserves. (Thought by Martin.)
  • "Strong as Iron." "Gentle." "Daring." "Brave." "Dark eyes." These are Adjectives used by Martin to describe Griselle.
  • Max was quiet during the affair.
  • "What could I do?" This is a Rhetorical Question.
  • "The old wound has healed but the scar throbs at time, my friend." This shows that Martin still thinks about the Griselle and the affair. This is also a Metaphor since there is no real scar.
  • Martin askes Max to give Griselle his address, but how can Griselle go to Martin's house.
  • Martin is willing to invite Griselle over even after the affair.
  • "My heartiest greeting to you, Martin." This is a Superlative Adjective.
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