A2 Syllabus: AQA Sociology GCE (new specification) MASS MEDIA & CRIME&DEVIANCE

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Unit 3 exam: Wednesday 13th June, am

Unit 4 exam: Tuesday 19th June, pm


Easter Revision: tbc


A2 Syllabus: AQA Sociology GCE (new specification)


Unit 3: Mass Media (SCLY3)

·         Worth 20% of your final A Level

·         Written paper, 1 hour 30 minutes

·         60 marks available


Unit 4: Crime and Deviance with Theory and Methods (SCLY4)

·         Worth 30% of your final A Level

·         Written paper, 2 hours

·         90 marks available




·         Use your revision checklists to draw up a timetable for revision leading up to the exam.  Make sure you cover everything, but make sure it is manageable – you can’t spend every minute working, so allow yourself some time off, both short breaks and occasional days or half days.

·         Try http://getrevising.co.uk/




·         Handouts and powerpoints from lessons are available on the shared drive and on the VLE.

·         Additional revision resources will be available to download from the VLE

·         Use the list of websites in this pack to help you identify other useful revision resources





Unit 3: Mass Media


There are 4 sections – choose the CORRECT one, Mass Media (should be section C), and answer all the questions from that section. 


Time allowed: 1 hour 30 mins

Maximum marks: 60

Time per mark = max 1.5 min.


Questions carrying 18+marks should be answered in continuous prose and you will be marked on your ability to use good English, to organise information clearly and to use specialist vocabulary where appropriate.


Answer question 10 and 11 and either 12 OR 13.


Possible Question outlines








Identify and briefly explain 3 ways / problems…

e.g. 3 ways in which the news is socially constructed


9 marks


<15 mins



To get full marks for either permutations of this question, you need to:

·         Identify 3 separate pieces of relevant and appropriate sociological evidence that support the view expressed in the item, you will get 1 mark for each relevant and appropriate identification.

·         Give a detailed, but brief, explanation of how the identified sociological evidence supports the view expressed in question (a).


Question 10 might also be expressed as one 3 mark and one 6 mark question, but the process of identifying or explaining is the same.


Possible 10 questions:


  • Identify and briefly explain three problems of using ‘laboratory-style experiments’ to study the effects of the mass media on their audiences (Item C, line 4). (9 marks) (specimen paper)

  • Identify and briefly explain three ways in which the news could be said to be “a social construct that is ‘manufactured’.” (Item C, line 3). (9 marks) (January 2010)

  • Identify and briefly explain three examples of news values. (9 marks) (June




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