A2 ICT: Critical Path Analysis (CPA)

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Critical Path Analysis (CPA)

A critical path analysis is a type of project planning tool and is developed by the project manager. It is used to display the relationships between different parts of the project in a way that is logical. It shows how different aspects of the project can relate together with as few delays and resourcing problems as possible.

Some of the tasks in a critical path analysis will be dependent on other tasks. This means that some of the tasks will need to be fulfilled before other tasks can be started. Because of this, it is important that there is enough time allocated to each task and that slack time is built in. A task that depends on another class being accomplished is called a ‘dependent’ or a ‘sequential activity’.  The opposite of this (a task that is not dependent on any other task and can be complete at any stage) is called a ‘non-dependent’ or ‘parallel activity’.

The ‘critical


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