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1 - Future Developments
Emerging New technologies that is currently developing or will be developed over the next
Technology five to ten years, and which will substantially alter the business and social

Ubiquitous ­ widely present e.g. the telephone is ubiquitous as we now assume
that everywhere has a…

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Online gambling
Easier to stay in contact with people
Like-minded people can be brought together

1 ­ Future Developments (2)
Impact on More people will likely become teleworkers ­ easier to work at home
organisations Growth in collaboration
Increased outsourcing
Change in requirements ­ ICT skills needed
Compliance with new…

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2 - Information and Systems
Organisation a group of people with a specific purpose. Information needs depend on:
a) Structure
b) Type of organisation
c) Size/Scale of the organisation
d) Management style

Span of control: The number of employees who are directly supervised by one
Chain of command: The…

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Many low levels of workers have been replaced by automated ICT
Organisations need to be dynamic in order to cope with the rapid pace of
ICT change.
2 - Information and Systems (2)
Types of Commercial ­ Organisations who provide goods or services for a profit such as

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How ICT The role of ICT is to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of business
effects the processes.
efficiency of a Improves the accuracy of decision making which reduces risk and saves
business time and money
Reduces administration costs by automating many of the tasks once
performed by people.

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2 - Information and Systems (4)
Other Customer Relationship Management - stores and collates all data relating to
systems customers often collected by transaction processing systems. This data can then
be used to analyse customer expenditure, patterns and shopping habits. Using
this information can help target marketing and assist in…

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3 - ICT Strategy
Factors that Business Goals ­ ICT should be used in order to meet the business goals of an
influence an organisation. Using technology for the sake of it can be a costly mistake.
ICT system Finance ­ It is important that the organisation can afford any…

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Standards A standard is a common way of doing something. Strategic choices concerning
the purchase of hardware can be affected by standards. A company might decide
to use standard formats for storing business documents so that they can easily
exchange data with other organisations through Electronic data interchange.




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