A2 ICT: Requirements, Design and System Specifications

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Requirements, Design and System Specifications

Requirements Specification

The systems analyst generally creates the requirements specification. It gets created once investigations on the current system have been completed.

The requirements specification needs to clearly state what the new system needs to be able to do and how those things can be achieved. It also needs to detail all interactions that the end users will have with the new system.

Both functional and non-functional requirements need to be included too. Functional requirements would be the processes and operations that the new system is expected to do. Non-functional requirements are factors that will have an effect on how functional requirements are carried out. For example, constraints specified by the end user like time, money, hardware and software.

Contents that must be included in a requirements specification are:

  • System objectives
  • The system scope
  • A timescale
  • Constraints


Mr A Gibson


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