30 key lines of the Aenied

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1. deserit et muros et summas deserit arces 

he both abandoned the walls and the lofty citadel

2. stupet ipse Latinus ingentis, genitos diversis partibus orbis, inter se coiisse viros et cernere ferro

Latinus himself was amazed that two men born on different parts of the world had come together to fight it out by the sword

3. invadunt martem clipeis atque aere sonoro

with a sudden onrush joined in battle with shields and clanging bronze

4. fors et virtus miscetur in unum

chance and courage were combined together

5. illi inter sese multa vi vulnera miscent

they deal out many wounds between themselves with much violence

6. Jupitter ipse duas aequato examine lances

Jupiter himself held up the two scale pans with the tongue centred

7. At perfidus ensis frangitur in medioque ardentem deserit ictu

But the treacherous sword breaks and fails him as he blazes in the middle of a blow

8. Dum trepidat, ferrum aurigae rapuisse Metisci

In his eager haste, he seized the sword of his charioteer Metiscus

9. Postquam arma dei ad Volcania ventum est, mortalis mucro glacies ceu futtilis ictu

As soon as there was an encountrance with the arms made by Vulcan, the man-made sword shattered with the blow like brittle ice

10. Ergo amens diversa fuga petit aeqoura Turnus

Therefore turnus, out of his mind made for the distant parts of the plain in fight

11. Ille simul fugiens Rutolos simul   increpat omnis nomine quemque vocans notumque efflagitat ensem

He at the same time fleeing, reproaches all the Rutulians calling each one by name and demands them his familiar…


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