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English and Latin)
This pack includes:
The dream of hector
Aeneas on the roof
Troy in flames
Troy falls as an ancient ash tree
Anchises refuses to leave
`Don't leave us here'
The omen
The omen is confirmed by a shooting star
Preparations to leave
Creusa lost, her ghost appears
Creusas' ghost reveals the true destiny of Aeneas
Creusa's farewell…read more

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Lines 269-280
Tempus erat quo prima quies mortalibus aegris
incipit et dono diuum gratissima serpit.
in somnis, ecce, ante oculos maestissimus Hector 270
uisus adesse mihi largosque effundere fletus,
raptatus bigis ut quondam, aterque cruento
puluere perque pedes traiectus lora tumentis.
ei mihi, qualis erat, quantum mutatus ab illo
Hectore qui redit exuuias indutus Achilli 275
uel Danaum Phrygios iaculatus puppibus ignis!
squalentem barbam et concretos sanguine crinis
uulneraque illa gerens, quae circum plurima muros
accepit patrios.…read more

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It was the time when sleep first began for weary mortals and stole over them most pleasantly like a gift from the Gods. In my dreams, behold,
before my eyes most sorrowful Hector seemed to be in my presence pouring out copious tears, as he was when once dragged along by the
chariot, and blackened by blood stained dust and pierced through his swollen feet for the thongs.…read more

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Lines 298-308
Diuerso interea miscentur moenia luctu,
et magis atque magis, quamquam secreta parentis
Anchisae domus arboribusque obtecta recessit, 300
clarescunt sonitus armorumque ingruit horror.
excutior somno et summi fastigia tecti
ascensu supero atque arrectis auribus asto:
in segetem ueluti cum flamma furentibus Austris
incidit, aut rapidus montano flumine torrens 305
sternit agros, sternit sata laeta boumque labores
praecipitisque trahit siluas; stupet inscius alto
accipiens sonitum saxi de uertice pastor.…read more

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Meanwhile the walls were in confusion with lamentation on either side, and greater and greater, although my father Anchises' house was
secluded, set back and overshadowed by trees, the sounds of battle were growing clear and horror advanced threateningly.…read more

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Lines 309-317
tum uero manifesta fides, Danaumque patescunt
insidiae. iam Deiphobi dedit ampla ruinam 310
Volcano superante domus, iam proximus ardet
Vcalegon; Sigea igni freta lata relucent.
exoritur clamorque uirum clangorque tubarum.
arma amens capio; nec sat rationis in armis,
sed glomerare manum bello et concurrere in arcem 315
cum sociis ardent animi; furor iraque mentem
praecipitat, pulchrumque mori succurrit in armis.…read more

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Then really was the truth clear and the treachery of the Greeks revealed. Now Deiphobus' large house crashed in ruins with Vulcan
overpowering it, now neighbouring Ucalegon's house was burning; the broad straits of Sigeum glowed back with fire. Men's shouting arose
and the blare of trumpets.…read more

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Tum uero omne mihi uisum considere in ignis
Ilium et ex imo uerti Neptunia Troia: 625
ac ueluti summis antiquam in montibus ornum
cum ferro accisam crebrisque bipennibus instant
eruere agricolae certatim, illa usque minatur
et tremefacta comam concusso uertice nutat,
uulneribus donec paulatim euicta supremum 630
congemuit traxitque iugis auulsa ruinam.
descendo ac ducente deo flammam inter et hostis
expedior: dant tela locum flammaeque recedunt.…read more

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Then in truth all of Ilium seemed to me to sink into flames and Neptune's Troy to be turned over from its foundations: and as when high in the
mountains farmers eagerly press on to uproot an ancient ash tree they have hacked with frequent strikes of the double bladed iron, the tree
continually threatens to fall and trembling it sways the foliage of its shuddering heights until overcome gradually by its wounds, it groans its
last and torn out spreads ruin along the ridge.…read more


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