sagae thessalae lines 21-44 test :D

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sagae Thessalae: Revision of Lines 21 – 44 (C. L. A., pages 134 – 136)


1          Context: do you know/can you explain what has just happened? (If you are unsure, see the italics summary of the previous lines, not included in your text, on page 134.)


[page 134] his cognitis animum meum commasculo et statim accedens senem "clamare" inquam "iam desine. adest custos paratus."


2 his cognitis: translate this phrase and explain what it refers to.


3 animum meum commasculo: why does the speaker need to do this? What pun on the speaker’s name might Apuleius be making here? What might he be intending by his use of this pun?


4 How is Thelyphron’s eagerness to take up the job of guarding the corpse shown in these lines? Make three points, referring closely to the Latin in your answer.


vix finieram et statim me perducit ad domum quandam, ubi demonstrat matronam flebilem fuscis vestimentis [25] contectam. illa surrexit et ad cubiculum me induxit. ibi corpus splendentibus linteis coopertum manu revelavit. ubi singula anxie demonstravit, exiit.


5 vix finieram et statim me perducit ad domum quandam: pick out two Latin words which suggest rapid actions.


6 Who is the matronam? Why is she described as flebilem fuscis vestimentis contectam?


7 Give in Latin and translate the three-word phrase (consecutive words) which shows that the corpse has been treated with great respect.



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