1848 Italian Revolutions - Causes and Events

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  • the harvest failures in 1846-7 caused unrest, especially among peasants who could not afford the rising food prices
  • food riots errupted
  • discontent from the Vienna Settlement in 1815 still remained
  • a new liberal pope - Pius IX - elected 1846. Freed 2000 political prisoners
  • a tobacco boycott in Venetia caused people to attacked any Austrian soldiers they saw
  • Sicily wanted independence
  • plus there was a severe outbreak of cholera which fuelled desperation
  • some anger still remained from the early revolutions 1820-31
  • Piedmont's king - Charles Albert - wanted expansion of Lombardy
  • Austria was weak because of their revolution in Vienna plus Metternich's resignation 13th March 1848
  • a lot of states wanted the removal of Austrian influence - Venetia
  • Papal wanted church/government separation



  • Milan (Lombardy) asked Albert for help as he recently granted his state a constitution
  • he declared war on Austria
  • initially success by defeating…


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