12 Mark Extended Response

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12 Mark extended response - 25mins

Evaluate - make a judgement based on the criteria given in the question and determine the value of something.

Analyse - identify the parts of an issue, the relationship between these parts and their relationship with the whole, draw out and relate conclusions.

For full marks your response must include:

  • Range of points
  • Detailed explanations 
  • Accurate examples, analysis or evaluation

Your answer should be made up of 2-3 detailed paragraphs. The structure is:

P - Point

E - Explain

E - Evidence

B - Balance 

E - Evidence 

C - Conclusion

Example answer - 

Evaluate the effectiveness of an electoral system you have studied in providing fair representation.

P - Systems of proportionate representation are said to be fairer and provide better representation amongst voters. Scotland uses AMS to elect 129 members…


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