crime and the law

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crime and the law 

  • examples of crime - pety theft , sexual assult , armed robbery , asult , **** , kindapping , drink driving

altough , the statistics on crime is not exact beacuse not all crime is reported, also, police only take cases to court that they believe they will win. This means not all crime is taken to court 

the causes of crime :

  • anthing from nature to nurture, for example, someone may be born with a disorder such as physcopathy which causes them to have no emotion and therefore feel no empathy towards victums of crime, this could cause someone to commit crime. Another cause of crime is someone's backround and how they were brought up. For example, if someone was brought up with an abusive backround, it might cause them to be more abusive as an adult, this can be a cause of crime as it leads to people lashing out and causing harm to others in their adult life. Alcohol is another cause of crime as it affects people's judgments. this can be a cause of crime as it can lead them to commit a crime that others would believe is wrong, for example, theft. alcohol can also lead to violence as people under the influnce have lower boundries, this is an obvious cause of crime. 

the impact of crime :

  • crime impacts both the offender and te vitctim. the offender can face a prison sentence and / or a fine while the victum can face mental damage and long lasting physcial and/ or mental effects. For example, if someone got hit by a car that was being driven by someone under the influnce, the victum would face physical and mental damage, perhaps long term. The offender would face up to a 5000 pound fine and even prison. Crime can also affect companies. for example, if a bank was robbed, the bank compabny would face major set backs and would have to rebuild part of their company. 

role of the police : 

  • the police have a massive role involving crime. Its their job to prevent and stop crime as well as persicuting any offender that commited crime. The police can prevent crime in many ways, one of which is…


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