Homelessness within the UK

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  • Homeless people in the UK
    • Problems they face
      • Many "hidden homeless" due to "sofa surfing"- not recorded by govt/no address
        • Caused by family breakdown
      • 1 in 5 homeless are care leavers-forced to leave at 18
    • The impact of poverty on the homeless
      • Risk being robbed
      • Physical and mental health issues e.g. depression & anxiety
      • 1/4 of homeless young people face a night on the street
      • 1,300 said they were homeless in Manchester - 266 counted
      • Only 1 in 8 homeless granted housing by the council
      • Blackpool council reports 125 known people to be sleeping rough
    • Third party/ Charity responsibility
      • Provide sleeping bags
        • Cuts to housing budgets mean that charities & the public must try to fill gap
      • Streetlife charity aim to help young homeless people get back on their feet [under 18s guaranteed a bed]


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