World War One / WW1 wider reading quotes

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Death Quotes

"Frightened to befriend in case their bodies came apart the next day in front of his eyes" Stephen/Birdsong

"If I am fighting on behalf of anyone, I think it is for those who have died. Not those living at home" Stephen/Birdsong

"Every man's death diminishes me" Barton/Strange Meeting

"But wasn’t Harris better off? For would he not have gone through terror after terror in the front line, only to meet a death less sudden, more painful, more clearly foreseen?” Hilliard/SM

"He looked at us with a lively smile; a second later he fell sideways" Sherston/Memoirs of an Infantry Officer

"Some dim sense of futility which had put an end to this good-looking youth" Sherston/MOAIN

"It seems so unfair that I should be left to enjoy these things and he not" Vera/Letters from a Lost Generation

"they smell of death; they are not Roland" Vera/LFALG

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Horror of War Quotes

"this is not a war, this is an exploraton of how far men can be degraded" Stephen/Birdsong

"this is not a war Sir, this is slaughter" British General/Oh What A Lovely War

"The loss of, say, another 300,000 men may lead to really great results" Haig/OWALW

"The politicians chatter like imbeciles, while civilisation bleeds to death" OWALW

"If a country demanded that price, then it should bloody well be willing to be prepared to look at the result" Sarah/Regeneration 

"Not even the generals are mad enough to shell their own men. They feel it more sporting to let the Germans do it" Blackadder/Blackadder goes forth

"I could believe only in the hell I was living in, a hell on earth, and it was man-made, not God-made" Tommo/Private Peaceful

"God would never be cruel enough to create a cyclone as terrible as the Argonne battle. Only man would ever think of doing an awful thing like that." Diary of Alvin York

"All fightings foul!" Harold/Black 'Ell

"He died a slave!" May/The Accrington Pals

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Change in Soldiers Quotes

"animal instinct that awakened inside of us" Paul/All Quiet on the Western Front

"without being doped in whisky - I'd go mad with fright" Stanhope/Journey's End

"you know you musn't expect to find him quite the same" Osbourne to Raleigh/JE

"he died a slave!" May/The Accrington Pals

"when in doubt you go forward!" Birdsong

"detract from his memory and spoil his glamour" Vera/LFOALG (about Roland's death)

"we are drones, not fighting men!" Hilliard/SM

"I'm afraid of myself, of what I'm becoming" Barton/SM

"I have been ashamed of myself for getting so throughly hardened so quickly" Barton/SM

"he no longer recognised his own reflection" Hilliard/SM

"a horses bit. not an electorode, not a teaspoon. a bit. an instrument of control" Regeneration

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Pro-war Quotes

"if i fall to my death it will help to cleanse the world of its weakness" Arthur/The Accrington Pals

"we have failed to build Jerusulem and this is God's answer"Arthur/TAP

"there's money around" May/TAP

"i couldn't love a man who'd stayed at home" Bertha/TAP

"you've killed your men, we know, but it was in fair fight" Mr Gould/Black 'Ell

"he looked sort of made me feel...keen to get out there" Raleigh/JE

"there's something rather romantic about it all" Osbourne/JE

"it's most frightfully exciting" Raliegh/JE

"he thought I want to go back for there was nothing for him here" Hilliard/SM (back to war)

"you see, we have built up a family - a family of nations - and it must be protected" Rudyard Kipling/My Boy Jack

"my little adventure" "glorious sport" George Downing/George Downing's letter

"the old testament is full of fighting" Sherston/MOAIO

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Censorship Quotes

“I am making this statement as an act of wilful defiance of military authority because I believe the war is being deliberately prolonged by those who have the power to end it.” Sassoon's declaration

"in war time patriotism means suppression of truth" Sherston/MOAIO

"come her Mr Censor pray tell us now do!" Eva/The Accrington Pals

"there was nothing in the paper" Sarah/TAP

"we are proud of you...for the way you've been protecting your home, and your country, and all that she stands for" Mr Gould/Black 'Ell

"it isn't a bit like we expected" Jean/Black 'Ell

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Religion Quotes

"non believers finding faith in fear" Birdsong

"Horrocks pulled the silver cross from his chest and hurled it from him" Birdsong

"he fell to his knees but he did not pray" about Horrocks/Birdsong

"every step I take is guided by divine will" OWALW

"the ways of God are strange" Regeneration

"red, sweet wine of youth" Vera/LFALG

"we must trust you to Time - and whatever it is that is called God" Vera/LFALG

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