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Wider Reading Quotes!
Train spotting Irvine Welsh
"felt strange telling the truth"
"nervous silence at this strange moronic comment"
"They looked at him as if they hadn't done anything illegal in their
" things like sex and Hibs were nothing to him when he
was on smack, suddenly became…

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"But he says that our customs are bad and our own brothers who
have taken up his religion also say that our customs are bad."
"Okonkwo ruled his house with a heavy hand"
"his whole life was dominated by fear, the fear of failure and of
"he still remembered…

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"why don't you write an anti glacier book instead"
"made him bob up and down"
"dazed wanderer"
"so it goes"
"unstuck in time"
"Billy is spastic in time, has no control over where he is going nex, and
the trips aren't necessarily fun"
"And I asked myself about the present:…

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"South Africans in the valley of the shadow of death feared no
"knowing nobody dies until they're forgotton"
"Biko tomorrow Biko forever"

Chant of a homesick Nigga ­ Benjamin Zephaniah
"still I don't want to die like dis"
"look sucker"
"but I won't call you master"
"I'm one more…

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