Skirrid Hill- Owen Sheers

A detailed set of of Skirrid Hill revison notes that took me ages to make last year. I found them really helpful as i liked having all the annotations in one place to read through religiously before the exam! In red are the poems that are similar. I hope these help someone as they've just been sitting in my documents for half a year. :)

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Last Act:

First poem/ subverts expectations
Poems are his honesty
"taken so long," not his first poem
"missing teeth," imperfections of childhood
"mouthing o" Stammer, Late Spring
"isn't this always the last act," there are always questions being asked
"curtain," revealing the truth
Reference to a Show / façade

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"Arm in arm" brotherly. Comradeship, died together
"skeletons paused" cut off too young
"Boots outlasted them" subverts expectation as you assume there boots
would die before them.
"Unearthing" cyclical idea of life after death nature etc.
"Absent tongue" literally decayed and also had no choice or voice
Link to: Happy…

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Women = beauty, men = destruction
(RS Thomas = welsh poet national ID)

stanza = father: Short sentences, less emotive, emph brisk speech of
stammer seems to be a weakness, Love of nature over manmade, Order and
chaos juxtapose mother, Emph the inconsistencies he receives from parents,

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"Loving scar remains," love they felt still remains = emotional scars they leave
upon one another + physical he leaves upon her. Unlike keyways where she
"lowers" to him.


Role playing/insincerity pressure on women/ objectification
(part 1) "Model" mute/no emotion/ultimate pressure of female beauty.
Nature= "curlews," long beaked birds.…

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"Paris"= city of love
"channels of our hearts" reordering their lives and love
This juxtaposes the idea that they weren't in love anyway or expected to fall
out of love
Deliberate interruption in the poem "that will be one memory" disjointed
"skirt and hip" alluring
"wet lashes" crying/ emotional pain,…

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"they mate for life," parallel between humans and animals, allows for them to
model their behaviour on that of the birds they return just like their hands
"afternoon light" emphasises change from dark and cloudy, enjambment
emphasises moment of change within relationship and pathetic fallacy
"slow stopping" emphasises the change…

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emotional distance "far away yet near"
"sigh" satisfaction/finish
"lit hallway" juxtaposes the darkness this has happened in,
secrecy/covert/ashamed, now light = better judgement
"dress of your shadow" feminine/ personification
Left only a shadow= a lack of intimacy/ not satisfied/ he was distracted/ she
needs to leave
He focussed on lights…

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"when did the bolt slip," questioning the problems within their relationship,
wonder what went wrong, doubting relationship, alliteration of `b,' violence of
"in mouth,"
"failed to dock," rough journeys, sea/ boats/ women and the sea
"expected click," even if key fits on surface deep down they don't
Repetition of "strange…




Much better than e.g. ZigZag which costs a fortune - true spirit of the internet - sharing free information. You should be congratulated for every aspect of this ! 



Much better than e.g. ZigZag which costs a fortune - true spirit of the internet - sharing free information. You should be congratulated for every aspect of this ! 



These are absolutely brilliant! I'm retaking this year and have been wanting to expand on the notes I made from last year and this is what I wanted to make. Thank you for making these accessible for the public, I'm sure these could help many people like me :) **



How do you use this site? Where is the notes/revision guide?



The notes are in the download bar above the comments at the top of the screen :)




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