weimar instability

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weimar instability

failure in ww1 effectively cursed the WR from the start as they were a scape goat for the defeat. treaty of versailes- armastice,"stab in the back", the blame cause in the treaty ment that germany accepted responsibility for the war and therefore had to repay reperations they lost large amount of land a large amount of which was agricultural which effected there ecnomy. the disgust towards the treaty led to many moderate germans turning against the WR it also subsequently lead to other extreme opposition to the regime

the treaty sparked a period of passive resistance when the workers walkedd out of the ruhr in protest to reperations which was germanys industrial region which further damaged the economy

the treaty also lead to there being major political uprisings in protest against the treaty and the government which highlighted the disgust within germany at the new regime (Left right)

threats from the left came in the form of a communist sparticist rising and a red army rising which were crushed by govt, however the threats from the right further de stabilized an allready unstable govt the risings were carried out by wolf gang kapp who was involved in both the Kapp putsch and the Munich Putsch.

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