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  • the Treaty of Versailles and how it affected Germany
    • Topic 1: The challenges facing the Weimar republic 1918-1923
      • The Weimar Constitution
        • Economic instability
          • Reparations
          • Invasion of the Ruhr
          • Hyperinflation
        • Main features of the new democracy and why it failed
          • e.g. Article 48
      • Rsings on the left and the right
        • The Spartacists
        • The Kapp Putsch
        • Formation of the NSDAP
      • Nazi beliefs and tactics in the period 1920-1923
        • The Munich Putsch
    • Main terms of the treaty e.g. territorial provision (Germany lost territory of economic importance - 20% of coal production etc)
    • Results of the treaty
      • still strong diplomatically but had psychological damage
        • Hindenburg and the 'stab in the back' myth


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