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Weimar fall
Short Term

Great Depression
o Had to pay back their short term loans
o Exports plummeted
o Prices and wages fell in Germany as a result
o Unemployment rose drastically at its worst 6,100,00 unemployed Jan 1933
Welfare had to pay for it
Business are lost around 500,00…

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o Chancellors
o Proportionally representation of parties

Weimar Destroyers
Heinrich Bruning (Chancellor)
o Was to propose cuts in Government expenditure
o He used Article 48 in order to allow his economic proposal to be put in place
o He tries to raise taxes
Because Reichstag voted against the use…

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Collapse of sevaral banks in June 1931 revived fear of the financial crises
Democrats especially the SPD and trade unions gave in without any real oppositions
In July 1932 Nazis had won 230 seats


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