threats from political extreamists

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  • threats from political extremists
    • threat from the extreme left
      • spartacist uprising 1919
        • 1919 spartacists attempted to launch an attempted a communist revolution
          • freikorps sent to crush it by president Ebert
            • leaders of sparticists Rosa luxenbourg and karl liebknecht, were killed
      • strikes risings and communist takeover
        • widespread strike action and communist street violence created atmosphere of instability
          • communists also temporarily took controlled or rebelled in certain areas
            • bovaria 1919/ ruhr 1920/saxony and thuringia 1923
              • army and sometimes freikorps acted to crush these rebellions with support of ebert
      • fear of communism
        • left wing revolutionaries and the success of the communist takeover in russia made people in germany fear a revolution
          • while fearing this revolution people overlooked the threat from the extreme right
    • threat from the extreme right
      • the Kapp putsch 1920
        • after an attempt to disband part of the freikorps, a group of right wing politicians and soliders who opposed this move and seized control of government in berlin
        • ebert and his ministers fled to stuttgart
        • the putsch lacked support from general public and the elite and so collpased
      • assassinations and violence
        • Anti weimar parlimentart groups carried out political attacks on their opponants
        • right wing death squads primarilry  organisation consul carried out 354 political assasinations
      • ideas
        • ideas such as the stab in the back made democracy seem weak and un german and portrayed democratic politicians as traitors


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