Variables affecting conformity

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Unanimity (in agreement)

Conformity reduces when the whole group is not in agreement 

Conformity even drops when the "rebel" doesn't support the participants. 

Research to support - Aschs line experiement 

Second study - Conformity rates dropped from 32% to 5.5% when having an anomaly support the participant.

Anomaly not suporting either confederate or participant, conformity rates dropped to 9%.  

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Group size

Conformity rates depend on the group size they are in. 

Conformity in a pair are low. Asch (one participant and one confederate)

Conformity rates are highest in a group of three. Asch (two confederates and one participant)

Research to support - Asch lines experiment 

Original study - 75% conformed at least once, 25% never conformed 

Second study - 2 confederates = 13% conformity rate, 3 confederates = 32% conformity rate

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Difficulty of task

The difficulty of the task can cause participants to conform more. 

Greater conformity rates when task difficulty increases. Individuals look to others to get correct answer. 

Research to support - Aschs line experiment 

Conducting another study after the first, he made the lines similar in length. He found that the participants conformed more. 

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