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  • Conformity
    • Types of conformity
      • Compliance; temporary public acceptance of beliefs
      • Identification; temporary public and private acceptance of group beliefs (not maintained when leaving the group)
      • Internalisation; complete public and private adoption of beliefs
    • Explanations for conformity
      • Normative social influence; wanting to be liked and accepted and avoid ridicule
        • Most associated with compliance
      • Informational social influence; wanting to be correct
        • Most associated with internalisation
    • Variables affecting conformity
      • Task difficulty; conformity increases as difficulty increases (ISI)
        • Asch (1956) PPs more likely to conform to wrong answers when lines were closer
      • Group size; conformity increases as size increases up until a certain point
        • Asch (1956) Conformity rose to 13% with 2 confederates, 32% with 3 confederates
      • Unanimity; stronger majority when unanimous, drops with a rebel
        • Asch (1956) Presence of dissenter, conformity 32% -> 5.5%


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