UK to Spain - CASE STUDY

Push and pull factors

UK to Spain - Migration and Popularion - Case Study


  • Expensive to live - Rising cost of fuel / services / food
  • Bordem of the UK - Want something new, better and more intersting. 
  • Cost of travel in UK - Just as expensive to travel within the UK as it is to fly to Spain 


  • Climate - 10 degrees warner than UK and less rain on the coast
  • Still get pension - 74,000 elderly people reciver their pensionns in Spain (2007)
  • Live longer - Better diet / fitness / lifestyle
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Consequences on source and host country

UK to Spain - Migration and Population - Case Study



  • Pensions being spent outside of UK
  • Less people reliant on the NHS


  • Need for private health insurance as stopping free health care
  • Spansh government forced to priorities less needed things asked for by Britions - increasing economy



  • Takes pressure of ageing population crisis
  • British Government refuse to give free health care to returning British Expats


  • Ghettos of retired people that are not intergrating with local Spanish people
  • Lack of elderly facilities, e.g. 'Wheels on meals'
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