Migration to Spain from UK

Case Study for edexcel as geography

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Case Study UK emigration to Spain
Most immigrants to the UK are young
Most emigrants from the UK are old 60% are 45+
There are now permanent British populations in EU countries , the most popular is Spain
Many emigrants to Spain chose to live in `urbanisacions'
One example is the Urbanisacion La Marina near Alicante, construction began in 1985
It has the largest proportion of nonSpanish residents of any municipality in Spain. Around 8,000 of
10,000 residents are foreign, around ½ are from the UK
Mediterranean climate
Communications of networks
Lifestyle of Spanish people
Cost of living
Property market
Awareness of destination/expatriate community
Leisure facilities
Living longer
Health care
Impacts on the UK
Family breakupgrandparents move away
Loss of potential childminders
Loss of a highly experienced workforce, especially if they retire early
The `grey pound' is spent overseas
In part, emigration balances increased immigration, reducing net migration rates
Fewer older people to take care of some health and care problems are effectively exported
Relieves pressure to build new homes and therefore to build on Greenfield sites
Impacts on Spain
Immigration `ghettos' are created with little social and cultural integration
Resentment as immigrants seek to enter local politics
House prices become too high for local people
Healthcare costs are borne by the host country
Physical infrastructure may be strained
Increased spending in the local economy some retirees are highly affluent
Job creation in construction, retail and other services
Areas that were largely unproductive scrubland become valuable building sites

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Managing Migration
It can be difficult
There may be a need for immigrants but they also bring costs
It is hard to prevent emigration
The UK is replacing the present system of more than 80 different work permits with a simpler five tier
points system based on the Australian model
It is hoped that this will balance the need for skilled workers with the costs of providing additional
Since 2002 the UK has taken a tougher line with asylum seekers in order to reduce…read more


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