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Economic impact of tourism
case study-UK
AS geography, unit 2- tourism, OCR…read more

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Outbound trips and expenditure
· 2005- Britons made 66.4million trips abroad- 2/3 of
which were holidays of which ½ were package holidays
· Number of holidays continues to rise, fall in number
of package holidays recently
· 81% journeys made by air
· Spain/France accounted for 38% of all destinations…read more

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Inbound/domestic trips expenditure
· 30 million visits to UK in 2005- 2/3 were holidays-
total spending of visitors was £14.2billion
· USA largest spending country in UK
· UK residents spent 8.5billion- industry is seasonal
(most foreign visits between April and September)…read more

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Economic importance of tourism
· Accounts for 3.5% UK economy
· 2 million jobs either directly or indirectly employed
by tourism
· Direct employment totals 1.4 million (5% of all UK
· London- tourism 2nd largest and fastest growing
sector of the economy accounts for 8% of GDP and
13% employment…read more

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Regional problems in Cornwall
· Attracts more domestic visitors than any other
region in the UK- accounts for 29% total employment
Experiences problems due to:
· High seasonality- struggles in winter, and if weather
is bad in summer then tourist numbers decline- jobs
are seasonal
· Overcrowding in summer- roads, car parks, beaches,
· Conflict between locals and tourists
· Increased crime and alcoholism in popular tourist
areas…read more


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