Types of fat

Saturated fats

  • Each carbon atom in the fatty acid is combined with two hydrogen atoms.
  • Solid at room temperature.
  • Mainly found in animal products. 
  • Too much saurated fat in the diet has been linked to high blood cholesterol, leading to an increased risk of coronary heart disease, diabetes and obesity.
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monounsaturated fats

  • One pair of carbon aoms, with only one hydrogen atom atom attached.
  • Usually soft or liquid at room temperature.
  • Found in both animal and vegetable fats/oils
  • Considered to be healthier as they are linked to lowering blood cholestrol, reduce the risk of diabetes and are linked with a lower rate of cancer
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monounsaturated fats

  • Have two or more pairs of carbon atoms, which are capable of taking up more hydrogen atoms.
  • They are very soft or oily at room temperature.
  • Will not go hard in a refrigerator
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