different nutrience

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  • proteins: used for the growth and repair of muscles and cells & some energy. Found in meat, fish, eggs, cheese, nuts and beans.
  • carbohydrates: starch for storing energy, fibre for the removal of waste & sugar for instant energy but it makes you tired afterwards, no real nutritional value. found in pasta, bread, potatoes and rice.
  • fats: for warmth, energy, insulation & the protection of vital organs. Found in cakes and sweets.
  • minerals: salt for fluid balance, calcium for strong bones and teeth & iron for healthy blood.
  • vitamins: A for good eyesight, B to help the nervous system, C for healthy skin and membrains & D for strong bones and teeth.


Fats are needed in the diet for energy, the structure of body cells, vitamins A and D, to keep us warm and to protect major organs.

We need to cut down on the amount


jordyn sayer


this is so good for people that can't retain information and has difficulty to understand questions that i don't understand