Turning to Crime - Cognition - Evaluation (2)

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Turning to Crime - Cognition - Evaluation (2)


Y+S = Longitudinal study - Allowed for change in criminal's thinking patterns to be observed over time however, there was no control group used. So non-criminals maybe just as likely to display these thinking errors.

G+B = Snapshot study - But could have understood how attributions change over time if it was a longitudinal study instead. e.g. some criminals may initially make external attributions, but later accept responsibility and make internal attributions.


Y+S = Qualitative Data collected - Researchers could try to understand the reasons for crim behaviour. However, it does make it possible for thought processes of different criminals to be compared.

G+B = Collected Quantitative Data - Makes it easy to compare the types of attributions criminals make on a range of offences. However it doesn't give any extra info about why criminals are making these particular attributions.

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