OCR Options in Applied Psychology Revision G543

Interactive revision booklet for G543, Covers Health & Clinical: - Healthy Living, Stress, Schizophrenia and Stress.

Forensic: - Turning to Crime, Making A Case, After a Guilty Verdict.

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Your examination is on Thursday 19th January 2012.
You have 2 hours to answer 4 two part questions (a) and (b), 2 on
Health and Clinical and 2 on Forensic. This is an options paper so choose
On both options there will be a choice of 4 questions, however you
might not necessarily be able to answer them all, as we only do three
out of the four topics in each option (Health: Healthy Living, Stress &
Disorders & Treatments of Phobias (Anxiety Disorders), Forensic:
Turning to Crime, Making a Case and After a Guilty Verdict)
The timing is tight and works out to about 30 minutes a question. As
part a) is worth 10 marks and part b) 15 marks, I would suggest about
13 minutes for part a) and 17 minutes for part b).
Remember part a) is description (use the studies to illustrate the points
you are making, don't simply regurgitate them) and part b) evaluation,
so don't waste time in section b) describing things. You need to write
concisely, practice under strict timed conditions. Read the question
carefully and ensure you actually answer it!
For examples of specimen exam papers see your introductory booklet
(A2 Course Guide) and www.ocr.org.uk
Good Luck

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Health & Clinical
You will need to answer two questions on two
different topics below.
1) Healthy Living
For each of the key studies summarise either
the theory or the study (aim, procedure,
results, conclusion). The first one has been
completed for you.…read more

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Cowpe (1989) Chippan fire prevention
Aim: To test effectiveness of advertising (Media campaigns) in
education and prevention of chip pan fires.
Procedure: Natural Experiment, two 60 secs commercials shown in 10
TV areas.
Results: Net decline in chip pan fires between 733%, Awareness
Conclusion: Most effective during campaign. However, over exposure
lessened the effect.…read more

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The issues are individual differences, especially demographic variables
such as age, income, gender, occupation, education, family size, religion,
ethnicity etc.
There are many compelling and logical arguments for adopting a healthy
lifestyle, however many of us choose to ignore them.…read more

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Again the issue is individual Differences. It is not stress that is the
problem, but the way that you deal with it. There are also cultural and
gender related differences.
Stress is blamed for a whole range of physical illnesses and
psychological disorders. It is said to be costing industry vast sums of
money in absence from work and poor performance at work. Stress is
now pictured almost exclusively in negative terms.…read more


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