Topic 4- Business from home

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What is online shopping?

Searching for and ordering services and products on the internet 

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What are 3 advantages of online shopping to custom

  • No opening hours- goods/ services can be bought 24/7 
  • Goods are delivered to your home 
  • wider range of goods to choose from 
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Name 3 disadvantages of online shopping

  • Shoppers may be worried about entering their card details online 
  • More hassle when returning goods
  • Costs of packaging and posting 
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What are 3 advantages of online shopping to shops?

  • Can sell goods 24/7- no opening and closing times
  • No expenisvly fitted high street shops to pay for
  • Do not need to work long hours
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Name 3 disadvantages of online shopping to shops

  • Staff in tradional shops lose their jobs 
  • Specialist ICT knowledge is needed to set up the site 
  • Networks can fail meaning customers can not acces the the site. 
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Give an example of an online booking service

Low cost airlines and ease of booking mean many people book fights and hotels direct. 

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Give 3 advantages of booking online

1. You can book from the comfort of your own home. 

2. Make savings when booking direct because there is not travel agent charges.

3. You can read reports fromm people who have stayed at the hotel. 

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Give 3 disadvantages of booking online

1. Your creadit/debit card details may not be kept safe. 

2. There is no personal service like at a high street shop. 

3. You could eaily enter the wrong information and book the wrong flights. 

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What do you need to check when making a booking?

1. Credit card number entered is correct by comparing it again with the number on the actuall card. 

2. Card expiry date

3. All fields that should have data in them contain data. 

4. All the name and address details are correct

5. Passport numbers match the numbers on the actual passport. 

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