Topic 9- Email

Topic 9- Email

Topic 9- Email

  • An email is an electronic message sent from one computer user to another using a communication decvice such as a computer, telephone, PDA, etc

Email facilities

  • Standard outgoing signature and message
  • Group email
  • Using cc and bcc
  • Attaching files
  • Address books
  • Naming email groups and folders

Other facilities

  • Search
  • Reply
  • Forward
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Topic 9- Email

  • Create a signature- a signature is text that you set up and appears at the end of your email message

Group Email

  • You form a group of people from all the people you send the email to
  • You can then send emails to a particular group of people
  • The saves lots of time

Using cc and bcc

Cc means Carbon Copy

  • You list the email addresses of people you want to send a copy of the email to after the cc
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Topic 9- Email

Bcc means Blind Carbon Copy

  • This allows you to send copies of emails to others without them being able to see each other's email addresses

Attaching Files

  • Files can be sent with an email
  • Useful for sedning work from school/ college to your home computer
  • Can attach any type of file ( e.g., image, word processing document, etc).
  • Files are sometimes compressed before sending

Naming email groups and folders

  • Groups can be given names (e.g. People in my form, my teachers, etc).
  • It is important to set up named folders for different types of emails
  • This enables them to be found more easily
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Topic 9- Email

  • Remember to back up emails

Advantages of using emails

  • Virtually instantaneous- mail is sent immediately and a reply can be received as soon as the recipient checks their email box
  • You can easily attach a copy of the sender's message with your reply so they do not have to search for the original message
  • If you discount the cost of hardware and software that the user will probably already have, then an email is virtually free to send
  • No need for the formality of a letter. Email is meant to be quick and to the point. You do not need to worry about the odd typing or spelling mistakes
  • Emails can be accessed using a large number of devices from mobile phones to television
  • Emails are more environmentally friendly since less energy is used in delivering the mail from source to destination
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Topic 9- Email

Disadvantages of using emails

  • Not every one has a computer, so ordinary post is still used
  • It may make users more casual about their approach to business and they may not realize that anything they say is as legally blinding as if they had written it in a more formal document such as a letter or contract
  • Junk mails is a problem, although there are software solutions that filter junk mail out from your improtant mail
  • There are worries about the security aspects
  • The system relies on people checking their email boxes regularly
  • Emails and particularly this containing files attachments can contain viruses
  • Email is not secure and emails can be intercepted and read

Misuse of Email

  • There are a number of potential misuse of email services and precautions need to be taken in order to prevent damage from these issues. These precautions include:
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Topic 9- Email

  • Using email monitoring software
  • Using parental control
  • Emails encryption
  • Spam filters
  • Anti-Virus software

Email abuse

  • Cyberbullying
  • Sending lots of personal email in firm's time
  • Inappropriate attachments (e.g. offensive jokes, ***********, etc).
  • Attaching files containing viruses
  • Sending spam
  • Inappropriate language
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